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We buy and accept donations of used small kitchen appliances
What are we looking for?
In which condition? 
How much will you get?
How to contact us? 

We are currently looking for small appliances such as: 

  • Air fryers

  • Hot pots

  • Bread Machines 

  • Carpet cleaners

  • Food processors

  • InstaPots

  • Waffle Makers.

We favor reputable brands such as Cuisinart, Ninja, Kitchenaid

We accept and buy appliances in good working condition. In the future, we would to accept appliances for recycling or repair but we are not there yet. 

We can offer up to 50% of the value new for an appliance in great condition. Otherwise, the price can be between 30% to 50% of the value new. We also accept donations so that more people in our community in Greenpoint can enjoy these. 

Send us an email at with a description of your appliance and ideally a picture and we will get back to you. Thanks ;-)

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